Meet Me

Meet Me

My name is Maria. I am the mother of two boys and I live in Epanomi Thessaloniki.

I studied Βusiness Administration(Μ.Β.Α) at the American College of Thessaloniki. My husband is an agriculturist and since 2001 I have been involved in our family business which is called Agros & Kipos.

I started my current business, the wedding decorations in 2015 dynamically as Agros Kipos Wedding. My motivation was my experience for years as well as my love for flowers. My creational nature was acknowledged by an experienced and talented florist in Thessaloniki. She was the one who initiated me into this wonderful world!

I gained knowledge and experience that contribute to the sophisticated decoration of a wedding. Natural materials and special objects, also wonderful flowers compose the puzzle of a demanding wedding. However its event is unique, it's a separate event each time.

We can create the wedding you are dreaming of together!

Maria Voudouri- Floral and Event Design


Maria Voudouri | Wedding Decoration

Maria Voudouri | Wedding Decoration


Maria Voudouri Floral and Event designer takes over the decorations of your wedding in Thessaloniki and Halkidiki


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